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Entries made by Paper for 2002
Oct 28, 2002 01:44aThe /rnds have been Halloweenified. May your Halloween be full of yummy brains and worms.
Sep 1, 2002 04:57pThere are Genre Listings/Grouping for the Icon Bar now.
Aug 16, 2002 12:35aThe RPG Messageboard is being used for EW2 discussions
Aug 6, 2002 03:17pNow taking Caretaker Requests again.
Aug 5, 2002 07:49pCongratulations! All the old icons have finally been quality rated. Many thanks to the 27 icon quality raters. :) The Icon Bar filter will now work much better with all the icons rates :D
Aug 3, 2002 02:44p439 Profiles from 63 IDs have been targetted for deletion due to non-use. If you didn't receive a FMC Mail, don't worry about it.
Jul 30, 2002 07:41pNew Rooms & New Room Rules:
Bubblegum store is for clean fun. Anyone not being clean (swearing, etc) should be kicked to the bitter room.
Jul 17, 2002 09:05pThis is a request to all ban people to ban Adam/X-Factor/Wocket, or whatever new ID he picks up. He can go mess up girls somewhere else.. but not on my chat.
Jul 16, 2002 12:12aIcon Rating Rights Test has been reset. Description of how to rate was added to help people.
Jul 14, 2002 09:42pI need people to test the new Icon Rating Test. Try it if you want to rate icons.
Jul 7, 2002 01:55pIcons Restored. Any icons missing from the dataloss must be re-added. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the lost Caretaker rights yet. For now, _don't_ request on the MB.
Apr 16, 2002 01:38pboom. 1 month of data lost. This means accounts, profiles, icons, eWars.. just about anything that gets saved except for the scripts.
Feb 20, 2002 12:39pClick on a User's ID to pop up a User Info window for them.
User Info window has been upgraded to display quizzes & icon info
Feb 8, 2002 05:08aPosted image URLs from sites like geocities should now display when clicked if you have javascript turned on (you no longer need to copy & paste the URL)
Profile Editor has more color options to help you tweak your colors to perfectness
Jan 28, 2002 02:08pYou can now modify your "last 5 icons" list for each of your profiles. Take a look at all the icons you've used.. It could scare you! :P
Jan 25, 2002 03:08aTrippy FMC Guestimates: about 1 person in 30 that finds FMC will become a regular.
And on a semi-personal note, I have to get a new e-mail addy within the next 45 days. :O (For those who don't know, I've had paper@full-moon.com since shortly after I came to MC many many years ago..)
Jan 24, 2002 12:36pThe wait on ID Changes has been reduced to 14 days. However, you are only allowed 3 ID Changes (some of you have 0 left). I may add an additional ID-Change-Per-Year to each account.
Jan 15, 2002 03:20pIcon Bar now has filter options. More Info Here
Jan 10, 2002 06:03pThe Icon Bar can now add icons from your computer's HD. No more uploading to a web server! :D
Jan 8, 2002 11:37pIcon Bar revamping is complete. Read the MB for what's new about it
Jan 7, 2002 12:53aIcon Bar will be buggy for the next day or so, especially the icon adding
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