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Entries made by Paper for 2000
Dec 25, 2000 10:56aMerry Christmas to all and to all a good toothie
Dec 23, 2000 04:43pUpgrades should be completed. FMC is now running on a AMD K6-2 500 w/384M ram in a Asus P5A MB (It was on a K6-2 350 w/256M in a Asus TX97LE). It's about 50% faster now.
Dec 13, 2000 03:21pFMC/AnimeCity will be down at random during the next few days as I switch around all my hardware. (A new computer has arrived! :D)
Dec 2, 2000 06:44aFixed the 'losing your custom background' problem in the Profile section, along with the 'icons weird sizes after using random icon picker' bug
Dec 2, 2000 06:25aYou can add new icons, but you can't use them yet. >:-=
Nov 29, 2000 05:54pCrappy new newpaper up now. Go write *good* articles :P
Nov 29, 2000 02:46pNewspaper will most likely be removed soon due to a year of inactivity.
Nov 29, 2000 02:45pThe intermittent downtime during the past few days have been because of:

  • New Server Case (runs cooler now, baby!)
  • New HD (been moving files around and doing offline defragmentation)
  • Oct 27, 2000 03:38pHalloween is coming! >:)=

    Cross your fingers and hope the halloween scripts from last year work fine this year :-P
    May 24, 2000 11:08aA few days ago I tweaked the chat engine. It appears the tweaks have fixed a common problem of the chat sometimes taking like 10 seconds to refresh after cliking the update button.
    May 5, 2000 04:15p"Upgraded" Server today. Alas, it now goes as fast as is it did an hour ago.. So much for 50Mhz more. O.o
    May 1, 2000 02:56pA few emoticons have been added
    Apr 27, 2000 03:33aSome cosmetic changes to main page. Still working on Icon Adding/Sorting..
    Apr 3, 2000 09:40pThere are better things to talk about publicly than breasts (not to mention that this is not an Adult Only chat). Moderators are encouraged to silence people who think otherwise
    Apr 3, 2000 01:07pYour eMails may be deleted starting April 20th. Read your eMail for more details.
    Apr 2, 2000 01:31aFavorite Emoticon (the emoticon that shows up on the right of each of your posts) is back. Thanks to Rabby for telling me it was gone!
    Feb 29, 2000 01:13aCookies! Yes, FMC now gives you a cookie by default when you logon. You don't have to accept it, but the cookie helps you if you are on a proxy server.
    Feb 28, 2000 05:46pWhat's the best way to get rid of someone who doesn't belong here? Make fun of them. /:-P It's entertaining and effective. /:-=
    Feb 20, 2000 02:14aClicking the little ignore dude while chatting works now (no one told me it wasn't working!)
    Feb 20, 2000 12:40aPlease make sure to look at the bottom of the main FMCC page and check for intruders into your account. So far, Mr Wocket has got into 2 people's accounts (one just to vote for the mCo, isn't that lame, eh?). If you ever have given out your PW to a mCo member or one of their friends, change your password asap, because there's a good chance they'll log in as you.
    Feb 18, 2000 02:23pFMC was down for the last 3.5 hours due to my phone company screwing up my phone/ADSL line with someone else's phone line /rolleyes
    Feb 16, 2000 02:56a'User Rights' Voting is now up! Vote on who you think should (not) get silence/ban rights. Look under the Participate menu!
    Feb 16, 2000 01:41aLast few history item now shown on login page, along with the last few events for logged in person.
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