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Entries made by Paper for 1999
Dec 6, 1999 01:00aTurned on Icon Bar. Alas, I get less complaints because of the icon bar being down than I get requests to become a icon sorter. Icon Sorting is still offline and will be offline for some time to come. If yer bored, go write an article for FMC Times :)
Dec 5, 1999 01:00aFixed some stuff with E-Wars. No major updates to it, however
Nov 22, 1999 03:29aFirst BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) I've had for a very very long time (years)
Totally unrelated to the web server, and was caused somehow by my work project.
Nov 20, 1999 04:28pIE Fix Checkbox now gets checked on IE 4.0, 4.01 even if javascript is turned off
Nov 20, 1999 04:02pFound the REAL problem behind "Solan's Fix" thing
I'st a bug with IE 4.0, 4.01 (no SP), and 4.01 (SP1) and was fixed in 4.01 SP2.
I added some javascript logic on the login page, and if you have one of those browsers, it forces the "IE Fix" (was Solan Fix) on.
Nov 19, 1999 01:00aAdded "Solan's Fix"
Solan was the first person that I noticed having this problem, so thus I named it like that.
What was happening is everytime Solan pressed update on the chat, *every* image was reloaded, even if it was cached.
This meant Solan was downloading 100k/update.. Making the chat page take a long time to load and using up my precious bandwidth.
"Solan's Fix" fixes the problem by placing a redirector page in between updates. If there were any images on the redirector page, they would get reloaded everytime. But, since there isn't, it simply loads, and redirects to the real chat page, where all the posts and images are (where the browser decides to use it's cache)
Nov 18, 1999 01:00aAdded logic to the "Use A Cookie" checkbox on the login screen.
When you first go to the login screen, it checks to see if your IP is dynamic, and if it is, it automaticly sends you a cookie.
Nov 16, 1999 01:36aFixed Merging accounts bug
Nov 16, 1999 12:51aThe search works in the White Pages! /:D
Even if it's a sucky one :-= (It'll only search for one word or phrase)
Nov 13, 1999 05:16pAdded Online Emoticon Maker/Editor to Participate Menu
Nov 8, 1999 02:05aWhitepages can now be listed by Login ID
Nov 8, 1999 01:07aPlayed around with Table Mode display for Directed Posts
Nov 8, 1999 01:05aAdded 2 new Room types -- "directed posts only" and "Moderated"
Moderated doesn't work yet /:-P
Directed Posts Only type is being tested out with the RP Room
Nov 8, 1999 01:05aSQUISH! Bug that caused the "User in key users not found" error and plagued the Who's On list, now should be gone!
Nov 5, 1999 04:38pOf course, now that people can choose their own colors, there has to be a way to whap them if they use clashing/unreadable colors.. So I've added it to the discipline page
Nov 5, 1999 04:38pAdded User-defined Color Schemes
Nov 5, 1999 04:37pNailed one of the "Key not found in users" bugs. Hopefully there's only the one bug /:-P
Oct 31, 1999 01:00aEmoticons list updated to show alternate keynames for emotes
Oct 29, 1999 09:19pFixed problem with creating new profile overwriting someone else's new profile. O_o
Oct 26, 1999 08:27pSwitched around Send Buttons on chat. Default is now "Private" message when you check off users, unless you click on the "Send Public" button
Oct 26, 1999 08:27pTurned on Emoticon Wars
Oct 24, 1999 04:02pWorked on Emoticon Wars. Hehe.. It's so cheesy I like it /:-=
Oct 24, 1999 04:00pAdded create your own "You know you too much when.." to "Participate Menu"
Oct 23, 1999 04:26aChibi Mode is back!
Oct 23, 1999 04:26aTracking of user logins and logouts added
Oct 21, 1999 05:46padded the /me command when chatting. Try something like:
/me is bored
(It's just like IRC)
Oct 20, 1999 03:30padded cookie thingy that'll allow people with "random IP for every page request" and people with big nasty proxy servers (aka AOLers) to log in
Oct 20, 1999 03:30pfixed userlist buggy
Oct 20, 1999 02:10a"Pached" userlist buggy
Oct 18, 1999 10:35pBios limited to 50 emoticons now
Oct 18, 1999 10:35pfixed nasty bug in emoticon engine.
Oct 18, 1999 10:35pOpening up FMC today. ISP had problems tho, and it had to go down for a few hours
Oct 16, 1999 01:28pRemoved the "Send It privately" checkbox and added "Send" & "Send Privately" Buttons
Oct 16, 1999 01:28pAdd some a bit of CSS to smooth things out
Oct 13, 1999 06:49pTested Merging Accounts
Oct 13, 1999 06:43pIcon Sorting
Oct 7, 1999 06:46pChanged storage system of Rooms (faster/better now :P)
Oct 4, 1999 02:54aIgnore stuff in Who's On now works. Ignore States still not saved permanently tho.
Oct 4, 1999 01:10aIconPicker now works with Profile Editor (more or less)
Biography editing stuffed into Profile Editor (I miss the cool preview)
Oct 3, 1999 02:13aMake Icons in Icon Bar clickable if you have a profile active
Oct 2, 1999 06:01pAdded Mail Password
Oct 2, 1999 05:07pGot WP working under the new structure.
I'm not sure if I like the way it's set up tho (displaying and filtering by alias instead of loginID)
Oct 2, 1999 05:07pImported 99% of FMC Users
Oct 2, 1999 12:32aCreated History Table
44 entries.
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