Primary Statement:
This chat is not for smut. So if your name is smut, you have to leave [:-p]

This is not a sex chat. This is not a sexual flirt chat. Flirting (with discretion) is just fine! [:-)] Basically, the rules of public manners from RL apply here. Public as in.. all ages, not as in adult. A word of warning: Late nights on here have always tended to get a bit more out of hand than the days.. but they rarely ever get raunchier than a typical conversation on Novia. And if they do get like that for _long_ periods of time, I become very agitated. [mad]

Given the above, feel free to stay if:

you like anime
"Moon" in the "Fake Moon Chat" refers to Sailor Moon, and that happens to be, anime. So if you don't know what anime is.. go out and rent some. You'll get hooked [:-)] If you do know what anime is and love it, come on in! [happy]

you have an imagination.
There's a little virtual world inside the chat. It has a pool, many trees, a wishing well, a river that runs into the forest. It holds several famous couches and trinkets. All of these things were created by the imaginations of MCers. It's by no means limited to what I listed above. It changes as the mood changes.. things get added, things disappear. Open your mind and you'll see it. Use the virtual world in your conversation. Have fun with it.
A lot of regulars (oldies) lost their imaginations a long ago. It's called growing up. [:-p] You'll have a hard time with them, seeing as how they are bitter, but don't be discouraged. There are other newbies and even some regulars that still use their imagination. The Hyper Bubblegum Store (chat room on FMC) is probably the best place to be imaginative.

you are insane.
oh yes.. did I mention everyone on here is a bit wacky? hehe.. we like it that way, thankyaverymuch. It adds flavor.. it's who we are. It really goes hand in hand with an imagination. If you are a bit off the edge (in a hyper weird way).. welcome.. *grin* and be prepared.. we will make you even more insane. [:-p]

Ok, truth be known, the majority of MCers are depressed people. We found MC long ago.. looking for Serena and Darien, I suppose. What we found were other people like us.. and we helped each other out when we were down, and acted insane when we were.. well, insane. [:-=] Now, don't say to yourself, "I'm depressed, this is the perfect place for me", because it won't work if you are new here. It takes time for people to get to know you and to accept you for who you are. But if you stick around for a few weeks\months, by that time people will have started to talk to you and some of them will have gotten to know you quite well. Friends help out friends on here when they are depressed. So what I'm saying is, you have to stick around long enough to gain friends. (and I can guarantee if you have the above 3 qualities, you will gain many friends [:-)])

have the ability to get along with people with the above traits
I'll dump everyone else into this group. [:-p] If you are the friendly sort that loves chatting and watching insane people.. welcome! [:-)] I can't guarantee you'll fit in, but if you do, you'll be a bit more insane in life. [;-)]

If you have troubles starting a conversation, or find that no one is replying to you, consider using the virtual world (see the "you have an imagination" section above). It hasn't been used much as of late so if you jump on the wagon early and start a parade people are bound to come and follow. Whining and pouting about being ignored won't work. people just ignore you more. There is a trend (see below) with old MCer's not addressing newbies, which is sad, and will hopefully change with the addition of this statement. The best advice for this is to stick around and don't give up. Someone *will* talk to you. [:-)] And hey, you could even try talking to another newbie!! The poor person is in the same boat as you.. he or she doesn't know anyone, and all they want to do it chat and have fun! [happy]

This chat is browser friendly.. it will even work on Lynx Terminals. No Java is used. JavaScript is not needed, although it enhances the chat slightly. I've tested the chat with many many browsers. Of course, I can't test them all, so if you can't get in, just e-mail me and tell me what you are using and what the chat does (or doesn't do).


  • No C-Sex in public
  • No RL Icons
  • No harassing other people
  • No multiple accounts

    Disobeying the rules can get you banned.

    Please, only 1 login ID per user. On the screen after logging in, you will be able to select an Alias. Once you have a Login ID, you can create multiple Profiles within it.

    When choosing a Login ID, pick something that will describe all the alias' that you use, a general descriptive word or catch phrase that people identify you with, or your real name if you wish. The primary use for Login IDs is to get rid of imposters, and to create bios.

    Remember, your login ID is not your alias.. you will be able to enter your alias once you log in.

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