[Sailor Moon!]Chronicles of MC
The story of moon chat..
Nov 1, 1996: Slash / for emoticons
In November, Sam changed the programming of the emoticon handling routines to speed them up. From this point on, MCers had to type a slash / in front of emoticons to get them. Before you just had to type :-), now it's /:-)

This also meant that the chat could handle A LOT more emoticons. Througout the month, new emoticons were added. Some of them were:
/LOVE (changed to /loveeyes or /crush in FMC)

Nov 1, 1996: Calendar for MC?
MC had a calendar of some sort.. I don't remember it at all. If anyone does have info about it, tell me! ^_^;
Nov 7, 1996: Ghost Chat
MC was called ghostchat around here?
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