[Sailor Moon!]Chronicles of MC
The story of moon chat..
Dec 21, 2002: Top Chatters for Winter '02: Carl, Blood, HeavenlyAngel, Arianne, shaolin, JupitersPrince, Cosplay Duo, D, Michael
Top 100 People who frequented FMC in the Winter of '02:
01-010: Carl, Blood, HeavenlyAngel, Arianne, shaolin, JupitersPrince, Cosplay Duo, david, D, Michael
11-020: Tenshi, Jarid, Flinch, Sailor Amnesia, Samantha, Nephie, Hideki, Karlie, Emi-chan, Matt
21-030: DWanzy, Nall, Ghaleon, Vash, Zefariz, CU, Jasmine, Silver Destiny, Amber, Jake
31-040: luna_moon, Journey, Christopher, Benit149, Ash, ryuunoko, Meeya, christy, Jewel, Cat421
41-050: Elisa, petal, katiebot, magic_nickel, Zax Havox, BrettGodOfStuff, Javil, kevin, Jenn, Sayo
51-060: Mark, Linalie Mystic, Aviendha, Moteuchi, Aqua, chris, Yaten-chan, Morwen, Illusion, King of Pluto
61-070: Knight, Ciro, ChibiChibiSaturn, Anijira-Chan, Nicole, Amethyst, chibi-kitten, wuffie, dBase, Yuki
71-080: Allanah, Surye, getten, Inuyasha2, Paper, Maxwell, coPPerhiLL, Litamiko, tuxedo mask42, Brad
81-090: Tania, Heidi, QS, Quentin, Clumsy, Sirocco, Akiko, DeathOrgy, BluePiccolo, Breezy
91-100: tonio, StaticNightmare, ChE3L33DeR22, Kieran, Musashi, princesskiua, Pauldarian, Northstar, Jason Reed, Ryu
Mar 10, 2003: OC
(Some) People from OliChat started to come over.
Mar 18, 2003: Word Hilighting
Word hilighting was added to the chat. It defaults to the user's login id, so they can easily see which posts are too them. It could be configured to hilight any list of words
MC Chronicle TOC
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