[Sailor Moon!]Chronicles of MC
The story of moon chat..
Dec 22, 1996: MC is DEAD
The real Moon Chat was lost in the winter of '96, due to (so the rumour goes) the owner of the server getting complaints about the chat being on there.
Dec 26, 1996: Novia/Chatalyst
People were split between chats. Many used Novia. After a while, The Forum (renamed The Moon Forum by us) room was our main home. Everyday after school the room would fill up (well, overfill *grin*) with moonies. The chatters in the other rooms would talk about us, describing us as elitists and freaks. Heh.
Feb 9, 1997: WBS
WBS was another chat moonies escaped to. Ahh, the autoscrolling wonders of WBS.
Mar 8, 1997: SM Room on WBS
New Sailor Moon chat room in WBS. People like Sailor Life, Calliope (Calliope 16, Kasumi Tendou, Belldandy~sama), NorthStar, and others frequented there (WBS).
Mar 9, 1997: POWWOW!?
Everyone remembers Powwow. :P We used it while MC was down. *l*

As 'manda (Sailor Smily) says.. "but we always have powwow…"

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