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[tf] Transformers, There still around baby. [tf]

Real Name: Jason Lee
age: 23
c-status: single
e-mail: Ask and maybe I'll give. (on most parts I may give it)
webpage: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/index.html
http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/Bandit.gif Think Serena has a noisey little brother, I've got(now its had) a dog who think he's human and is alot worse.

Member of the m C o

First US'er to see the rest of R and also in envy of Mexico, they have sereis S going right now. In more envy of Germany, get the whole Sailor package, all 200 eps and all movies. (Actually not that envious of Mexica because I own some Subtitled S eps) Also one of the US transfans who downloaded the full 50Meg "other Victories" to run on RealPlayer to watch. I WANNA SEE NEMESIS PT 1 AND 2 [whine] BL KEEPS RUBBING IT IN THOSE DAMN LUCKY BASTARD CANADIANS Okay I'm done [:-=] Okay I have seen the Beast Wars Final and it did rock.

http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/cmars.gif Pic made by my two fav hawaii pals Kai and Mod. http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/curei.jpg Another picture from them and I will say I like this one alot. Its froma fanfic I still am thinking about putting up. Though since all of mine are in a continuity then I guess I will, just give me time.

Oh yeah, also have one very rare Neptune / Uranus only episode. Don't ask for a copy cause the picture quality really isn't all that great.

Hmm also could be called guy who knows to much on series that he hasn't even seen thanks to the web.

*update* This past weekend(Febuary 1st of 98) I lost the best pal anyone could have ever had and, for me, the best little brother anyone could ask for. It wasn't any kind of accident or anything like that, I asked for him to be put down because I didn't want to see him suffer anymore.

If you want to know who, go here http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/bandit.html

Okay I know a friends list should be added but I've got that on another page so go here http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/mcbuds.html Its still being updated so if your not on it don't threat may soon be added down the line

http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/Jay_Bandit.gif DOUBLE TROUBLE

If you want to check out a site on a new manga coming out by two chat folk, then go here http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/3243/fmcmanga.html

I've just started to add the fanfic based around my character. Its linked on the page.

Oh yeah I am a big Transformer fan, still have my old toys as well [haha] though I don't know there condition [paranoid]

I have also using alot of Beast Wars Second handles lately as well. Like God Neptune, Power Hug, & now Diver. Also now one of the two Destron leaders. Megastrom, if you can't tell its actually the [tf]G2 Megatron tank, hence one of the reasons why I think Beast Wars Second kicks ass. Oh yeah and PROTEST THE DEATH OF INFERNO!

*Update* Another death in the family, this time suicide(maybe anyway didn't have lookover), One of my uncles was found dead in his Corvette inside his garage. Another I found out about yestarday, hence why I wasn't on that much yestarday too, My Aunt Norma Gene passed away on Monday night, she had had a stroke and didn't come out of it.

Now on to something I forgot to add, I am a Headbanger for life, I love all rock an roll favs beign Ozzy Osborne, Pink Floyd and other classic guys, M. Manson, Metallica, Zombie (White and Rob), and all others.

Only like a few of coolio's songs in the rap area but I do like R&B fav video of that type is the one Janet Jackson song where this kid's house is ransacked in a dream.

One thing I must ask, Whats up with the Furby craze you all don't recognize what that thing is from. Anyone remember Masked Rider's little sidekick Furbus. Yes that what those stupid little things are based on. Recently also saw oen in an S episode, and the Sailor Moon S series was out before the Furby craze.

One Nuty Super-Hero
I am glad that Paper got the chat back up yeah.
[tf] [dbz] and [ryoga] /gogeta

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