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White Pages
Name: Salinda
Alias: Kiuskette
Age: not tellin, ill give you a hint, im under 21!
Location: San Diego California!
Siblings: A big sister, a little sister, and a twin brother who is dead. -tear-
Pets: Cat= Atheana Dog=JuJu Fish=Peter*deceased* Guinea Pig=Patch
Best Friends: Katie and Nyomi
Boy Friend: NONE! :)

Anime Obsession:Angelic Layer
Manga Obsession:Love Hina and .hack//Legend of the twilight
Fav. anime character: Kitsune from Love Hina
Fav. manga character: Zefie from .hack//Ledgend to the Twilight
Fav. Band: Strawberry JAM
Fav. Song: Kibouhou by Strawberry JAM

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