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I haven't bothered to make a bio in ages, and since I have some time on my hands, I guess now is a wonderful time to do it.

I'm not in FMC enough to really know me: thus profiles are good. Those from long, long ago, back in the days of jousts and Biker Mice from Mars should all know me well. Well enough to get on with.

Age: I get older by the second; at the moment: 102 (I shall never be a day older)
Likes: Manga, getting the post, drawing, Transformers G1, Rifts RPG, Food, other people's drawings, Harry Potter
Dislikes: Anime (I don't like to watch TV), There is no post on Sundays ;_;, snots, people who say 'you've won a prize' then don't send it to you promptly enough for you to remember that you ever won a prize and then you think you have a stalker, stalkers

I cook, clean, bake, sew and do just about anything you could ever ask for in a lubber. I'm a total robot freak and I want all the world to know it! I love cosplay! I have done it for a number of years now.

Transformers Website (artwork mostly [mostly my artwork at that]): www.geocities.com/atron121

Good website to visit: www.karma-police.org/speechless

Why I don't use emoticons: I forgot that you use Emoticons. My life at FMC went something like this:
I discovered FMC.
FMC went down for a bloody long time and I didn't know when it came back.
Couldn't take the inflow of newbies and outflow of oldies - so I left, with a lot of other oldies.
Found chats that didn't use emots.
Came back to FMC and found that Emoticons were too much of a hassle to remember, so I don't.

That, my friends, is the story of me.

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