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**Merry Hallowe'en Mwahoho!!!** [xmastree2][toothy]

*Shhh... Be vewy, vewy quiet... I'm hunting cabbits!*

I saw a jolly hunter
With a jolly gun
Walking in the country
In the jolly sun

In the jolly meadow
Saw a jolly hare
Saw the jolly hunter
Took jolly care

Hunter jolly eager
Sight of jolly prey
Forgot gun pointing wrong jolly way

Jolly hunter jolly head
Over heels gone
Jolly old safety catch
Not jolly on

(insert by Romesh: that song is WAY too jolly)

Bang went the jolly gun
Jolly hunter dead
Jolly hare got clean away
Jolly good I said

-Charles Causley

Undead Technical Support

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Hello, Undead Technical Support. May I please have your name and the date of your death?"

Customer: "Ummmm, yes. I am Vlad the Impaler and I am a GREAT AND MIGHTY VAMPIRE!!!"

Technical Support: "Can I please have your date of death, sir? We have currently around 120 Vlad the Impalers on file; it's a fairly common name among the undead."

Customer: "Ummm, yeah... uhhh, well you see, I haven't actually died yet. I was just sort of, you know, looking to see if someone would, you know, bite me, or if there is some sort of trial...?"

Technical Support: "Yes, sir. Unfortunately, we can not provide that service. I would however point you towards your nearest
foreboding castle or dark alley to find a blood sucking fiend of your choice."

Customer: "Oh, why thank you!" (Click)


Technical Support: "Hello, Undead Technical Support. May I please have your name and the date of your death?"

Customer: "Ummmm, Herman Carpinski, July 12, 1876."

Technical Support: "So what can I help you with?"

Customer: "I need to know how I deal with this whole rotting problem."

Technical Support: "Rotting?"

Customer: "Yes, pieces of me keep like falling off, and there's this horrible smell."

Technical Support: "Oh. Sir, were you killed by having an undead bite your neck and suck your blood?"

Customer: "No, some guy danced around my grave a lot and then blew dust into my face."

Technical Support: "Oh, I see. Sir, you are not a vampire as it were. You are what is known as a zombie, and while I can't
really support that, I can tell you that the rotting smell is fairly normal. Please hold and I'll give you the zombie support line."

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Hello, Undead Technical Support. May I please have your name and the date of your death?"

Customer: "I AM VERY UPSET!!!"

Technical Support: "I understand, sir, becoming one of the walking undead blood-sucking fiends is a big step-- "

Customer: "NO that is not what I am talking about you (bleepity bleep bleep)!"

Technical Support: "Sir, if you will please calm down, perhaps I can help you?"

Customer: "I want to speak to whoever is in charge!!!"

Technical Support: "I can alert a manager, sir, but they will have to call you back in a few hours. Are you sure there is nothing I can help you with?"


Technical Support: "Excuse me sir? A vulnerability to the sun is fairly standard to all vampire types, so that behavior is by design."

Customer: "It is not! It says right here in this pamphlet I downloaded from the Internet that if I ingest the blood of 12
virgins on 12 consecutive nights and gouge out my own eyeballs I'll be immune. Which I have done mind you and I am still vulnerable to the sun, so what gives?!"

Technical Support: "Well, sir, that is a different...ah... application of your powers. You probably want to talk to the people who wrote it, or if it is something specific to your particular type of vampire, you may wish to speak to the person who brought you across."


Technical Support (to co-worker): "You know I honestly hate calls like that. I mean what is with these people? Is it my fault they don't read the fine print? I mean, OK immortality is cool and the
nifty vampire powers are great, but they all call me when they can't handle it and expect me to deal with this crap, I mean...one sec got a call."

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Undead Techni- "


Technical Support: "Okay sir, please calm down."


Technical Support: "Okay sir, are you vulnerable to holy symbols?"

Customer: "Ummm, actually no. I am a farquath vampire, we don't do the holy symbols thing."

Technical Support: "Ah, good! I also see your kind of vampire has increased strength and speed and can take a lot of punishment. Okay, is he through the door yet? Are there more than one of them?"

Customer: "There are 3 of them! And they have crosses and one of them has a crossbow."

Technical Support: "Well, okay. Do you have a phone book?"


Technical Support: "Sir, I need you to remain calm if you want me to help you, okay?"

Customer: "All right, now what? They're almost through the door!"

Technical Support: "Tuck the phone book inside your jacket over your heart. When they come through the door, let them shoot
you with the cross bow, and then hit the one in front as hard as you can."

Customer: "Okay, I'll try. I'm not very violence literate though."

Technical Support: "That's okay, just follow my instructions and I'll talk you through it."

Customer: (sounds of crashing and muted thunk and a loud scream) "Okay, there are two left, now what?"

Technical Support: "Okay, throw the one you hit at the second one as hard as you can, and then grab the third by the throat
and lift him off the ground."

Customer: (loud crashing and some moaning followed by some choking gurgling noises.) "Okay, I have the head guy dangling -
now what?"

Technical Support: "Okay, now look into his eyes and laugh maniacally."

Customer: "Heh heh heh."

Technical Support: "You might want to try a more maniacal laugh. Kind of like this - MUHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Customer: "Wow, you scared me. Okay, I'll try. Muhahahaha. How was that?"

Technical Support: "Close enough. Now repeat after me, 'YOU PITIFUL HUMAN INSECT, DIE LIKE THE CATTLE YOU ARE!' and then
please squeeze as hard as you can."

Customer: (repeats statement and a cracking is heard from the phone) "Nothing is happening."

Technical Support: "Sir, I mean squeeze with the hand you are holding him with."

Customer: "Oh. Okay." (wet cracking sound is heard) "Wow, this isn't so hard. Maybe I will get the hang of this whole violence thing! Thanks so much for your help!"

Technical Support: "That's quite all right, you have a good night now, and thank you for choosing Undead Technical Support."


Technical Support (to co-worker): "See now, I kind of like those calls. I got to help someone, and you know that's what this job is all about. Am I one of the undead? Heck no. I don't care much for the hours really, I am just doing this for money while I study for my Occult Sciences degree. Then I can go out and make some real money as either an undead admin, or maybe a troubleshooter type. Support is great experience for that sort of thing because it gets you learning, and working with people. I know tons about the undead vampire types, and I heard we are going to start supporting werewolves and magic users next. Hey, if they want to train me, I'm not going to complain. I mean,
after all-- "

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Undead Technical Support. Can I have your name and the date of your death?"

Customer: "Hey, is this where I call about problems with being a vampire?"

Technical Support: "Yes, it is."

Customer: "Okay. Do I have to drink blood? That's kind of gross - can't it just be Kool Aid or something?"

Technical Support: "No, I'm sorry, but blood is definitely a requirement."

Customer: "Oh, well, OK."

Technical Support: "Anything else I can help you with?"

Customer: Hey, yeah. Can I catch AIDS and things from bad blood?

Technical Support: (hits mute button) "MORON!" (lets go of mute button) "Sir, you're dead, okay? You really don't have to worry about that at this point."

Customer: "Oh. How do I get the blood?"

Technical Support: "Generally you bite people."

Customer: "Oh, OK. Well, bye."


Technical Support (to co-worker): (sigh) "Geez, dude, read a book. There are times when this job gets on my nerves. But anyway where was I? Oh yeah. I get to start training today for supporting werewolves and magic users. And vampire hunters. You'd think that would be a conflict of interest... oh well."

(2 weeks of training later)

Instructor: ". . . just to re-emphasize a few things -- we do not support major summoning or world destroying rituals. And if the customer is a werewolf and has just shifted and can no longer
communicate you will need to direct them to the growling and grunting specialist. Any questions?"

Technical Support: "What exactly constitutes a major summoning? I mean what is our policy if they attempted a summoning and mispronounced the name and got a major demon lord instead of the minor imp they were trying for?"

Instructor: "Well, assuming they are still alive, you would probably want to send it to Escalation. Any other questions?"

(Later that month)

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Shape Shifter Technical Support. May I please have your name and the type of shifter you are?"

Customer: "This is Derek Thorfin and I am having this problem..." (scratching noises) "I can't get this damn hair to go away after I shift. There's this one patch that just won't not go away."

Technical Support: "Well, sir, is it a rectangular patch on your chest and abdominal area?"

Customer: "Yes, actually it is."

Technical Support: "Well, sir, that will not go away. That patch of hair is the mark of the animal demon that currently possesses you. If you were a shifter by birth rather than by position, it
wouldn't be there."

Customer: "So when will there be a solution to this problem?"

Technical Support: "Sir, that particular behavior, as I have said, is a side effect of being a shifter by position."

Customer: "Whatever, when are you going to fix it? Cause I don't like this hair, it itches."

Technical Support: "Sir, as I said this is something that cannot be fixed, unless you want to go through a cleansing ritual and give up being a shape shifter."

Customer: "No, you don't understand! I want this hair gone and you need to tell me how to get rid of it! Have you got that, fella? Cause if not, I'll have to come down there and rend you limb from
limb. I am a werewolf, got that, geek boy? Now you go on and tell me that secret way you have of getting rid of this here hair."

Technical Support: "Sir, I must tell you that if you continue to be
threatening, I will have to terminate this call and refer your case to our security department. That being said, we do not have a secret way to remove your hair."

Customer: "All right, that's it! You're lying to me! Either tell me or I come down there and REND ALL YOU blankety blanks INTO SMALL QUIVERING CHUNKS OF FLESH!!! YOU GOT THAT GEEK BOY? WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT, HUH?! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, HUH?!"

Technical Support: "I am sorry sir, you've forced me to terminate this call." (click)

(A few days later)

(Loud growling followed by a loud pop followed by distraught howling)

Technical Support (to self): "Hmmmm, I wonder if I should have told him about the silver trap we have for werewolves... oh well, back to work."

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Mystical Technical Support. May I please have your name and the name of your group, or your contract number if you are an independent."

Customer: "My name is Mike Evenstar and I am a member of the Most Glorious Order of Hiparcthurs and Tolemay."

Technical Support: "Okay, sir, what can I help you with?"

Customer: "Well it's a small thing really, I was just wondering what would happen if, ah, well, when summoning a 9th level
elemental spirit I had gotten two of the glyphs wrong?"

Technical Support: "Which Glyphs, sir?" (Sound of head pounding on table is heard)

Customer: "Well, that is, I sort of changed the 9 into a 90 and the elemental to demonic."

Technical Support: "I see. Sir, can you hang on a second?"

Customer: "Sure, no problem. But please hurry -- the glowing purple thing is getting worse, and the walls have started bleeding."

Technical Support: "I'll just be a moment, sir." (hold music) AHHHH why do I get these calls?! (off hold) "Okay, sir. I want you to listen to me carefully. Once I'm done talking, I want you to follow these steps. First open the door to the room you are in, step
through it, and run as fast as you can. Then call 555-DUMB. This is the number for a service that takes care of these kinds of situations."

Customer: "Okay, so I open the... " (sound of wet crunching, a
scream, and then silence)

Technical Support (to self): (sigh) "I lose more idiots that way. Oh well, at least I got promoted to major conjurations, summoning and escalation support last week. It means more money, although now I end up with even bigger problems to deal with. But they're giving me more training I guess."

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Escalations, go for it."

Other Technician: "Okay, I've got this guy on the line who says that he is trying a major summoning, and he has a wizard class account, so he is covered. But I have no clue what's going wrong.
He has the sacrifice he needs, all his sigilology looks fine, I mean he even has the blue pillar of fire going for him! Could you take it, please, because frankly, I am stumped."

Technical Support: "Sure, go ahead and transfer him." (pause) "Hi there, I hear you are having some problems."

Customer: "Yes, I don't understand it. I have all the materials and everything appears to be fine. I have the gateway open but I am getting no response to the truename."

Technical Support: "A sacrifice was mentioned -- could you tell me what kind?"

Customer: "Yes, a virgin human female sacrifice was needed, and she is waiting right here all bound and prepared for the demon to come through and rip her to pieces. I mean, we even have the
proper amount of screaming."

Technical Support: (knowing chuckle) "Did you say virgin sacrifice? And how old is she?"

Customer: "She is 17. I had her checked out beforehand and she is a certified virgin."

Technical Support: "Of course. By any chance do you have a young male assistant? A teenager, perhaps?"

Customer: "Well, yes I. . . DAMMIT ALL TO HELL, Jedrick, come over here! I'm gonna peel the skin off your back and feed you to --truename of major demon omitted-- "

Technical Support: "Sir, you may not realize this, but saying names like that in front of open gateways can be a bad idea."

Customer: "What, you mean --truename of major demon omitted--? Why would that be bad?"

Technical Support: "Sir, I would once again advise you against saying that name in front of a gateway."

Customer: "Oh, come on, no one actually expects -- truename of major demon omitted-- to answer, I mean he... " (sound of a thunder clap)

Technical Support (to self): (sigh) "If this keeps happening I might get written up."

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Escalations, go ahead."

Other Technician: "Ummmm, I have a demon on the phone."

Technical Support: "You mean someone summoned a demon and he needs help with it?"

Other Technician: "N-n-no, the demon killed him while he was on the phone and, ummm, it somehow got my name and now it says it owns my soul as well, and I am kinda in over my head, HELP please?"

Technical Support: "Okay, go ahead and conference it."

Other Technician: "Okay, here goes."


Technical Support: "With whom am I speaking, sir?"

Demon: "I am the Demon Rathgarton! And your souls are mine by the contract of the fool! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Technical Support: "Well, all right, sir. But I need to tell you one thing first."


Technical Support: "notraghtar BY THE POWER OF YOUR UNNAMING, DEMON BEGONE!!!!"

Demon: "NOOOOOO AHHHHHHH THE PAIN NOOOoooooooooooo... " (fades into nothing)

Technical Support (to Other Technician): "See, it's no problem, you just can't let those demons push you round!"

Other Technician: "Cool -- thanks dude!"

(ring ring)

Technical Support: "Escalations, go ahead."

Other Technician: "I've got an irate, would you please take her?"

Technical Support: (sigh) "Go for it."


Technical Support: "Ma'am, if you will please calm down and read me your conjuring formula, maybe I can help you."

Customer: "OH VERY WELL!" (long incomprehensible formula follows)

Technical Support: "Ma'am, I think I've found your problem -- it is on the 3rd, 8th, and 21st lines."


Technical Support: "Ma'am, 2 + 2 is equal to 4, not 8."

Customer: "Why you worthl- ummmmm... wait a minute... " (click)

Technical Support: "Thank you for calling magic support, and have a nice day."

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