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Yami No Matsuei

Genre: Drama, Occult, Shojo
The organization that judges the dead on the deeds of their life exists in the land of the dead called Meifu.
This organization is called JuOhCho.
Of that organization is EnMaCho, Meifu's largest Cho set-up by the lord diety of Hell itself, EnMaDaiOh.
Those of the EnMaCho ShoKan Bureau are called Shinigami, specialized in dealing with troubles relating to the administration of the justice system.
Which is to say that they are a special branch of the National Public Service Law.

It is the EnMaCho ShoKan Bureau where the main character Tsuzuki works to help find people who's names are listed in the book of the dead but have not arived at Meifu. With his young empathic partner Hisoka, exclent Fuda skills and the 12 spirt gods that protect him (unusual since most Shinigami have 4 at most) Tsuzuki has his work cut out for him as Muraki pulls the strings from the dark.

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Caretaker(s) of this series: Cosplay Duo.
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