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Genre: Occult, Shojo, Shonen
X. Currently produced as an 18 volume manga, 24 episode anime TV series, 2 hour anime movie, 2 music videos, plus a short insert in CLAMP In Wonderland.

Their destiny was foreordained.

It is the story of Kamui Shirou. Since the death of his mother, he has returned to Tokyo after a six year absence with two things to keep in mind: 'Grow strong so that you may protect the ones you love.' and 'In Tokyo, your destiny awaits.'. And what a sad destiny it is...

Kamui is the name of two meanings, given to him even before his birth.

He who protects the will of God.
He who hunts the will of God.

It is CLAMP's take of the end of the world, set in the year of 1999, with the apocalypse looming over-head. Kamui Shirou must choose between the Ten No Ryuu (Dragons Of Heaven), those who fight to protect the world the way it is, and the Chi No Ryuu (Dragons Of Earth), those who fight to annihilate humanity in order for the world to repair itself. With either choice comes many tragedies... Which side will he choose?

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Arashi Kishuu
15.4 years
Fuuma Monou
15.4 years
15.4 years
16.2 years
Kakyou Kuzuki
16.8 years
Kamui Shirou
15.4 years
16.2 years
Karen Kasumi
16.1 years
Kotori Monou
16.2 years
Kusanagi Shiyuu
16.2 years
16.2 years
17.8 years
Satsuki Yatouji
16.2 years
Seiichiro Aoki
16.2 years
Seishirou Sakurazuka
15.4 years
Sorata Arisugawa
16.2 years
Subaru Sumeragi
15.4 years
Yuuto Kigai
16.2 years
Yuzuriha Nekoi
16.2 years

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