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Weiss Kreuz

Genre: Shonen
Weiss Kruez is basically an anime about a group of assassins who have "Kitty" nicknames. By day Ken, Aya, Omi, and Youji work in Koneko no Sumi-ie. Koneko no Sumi-Ie is their quaint little home and flower shop. In the basement they have their mission room where Manx brings them their missions from Persia. As for codenames, they are as follows: Ken-Siberian, Aya-Abyssinian (sp?), Youji-Balanise, and Omi-Bombay. Also, the second series of Weiss is called Weiss Kruze Gluhen. That is why there are categorys that say Ken (Gluhen), Aya (Gluhen), Youji (Gluhen), Mamoru (Gluhen) and Group (Gluhen). If you have any information that you think is valuable please fmc mail it to me or e-mail it to me at neko.akiko@gmail.com and I'll look over it and add what I think should be added. (I'll give you credit as well :D)

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Caretaker(s) of this series: Akiko.
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18.6 years
Aya (Gluhen)
19.3 years
20.5 years
Group (Gluhen)
19.3 years
18.6 years
Ken (Gluhen)
19.3 years
Mamoru (Gluhen)
19.3 years
19.3 years
18.7 years
Pairs M/M
18.7 years
Restore 2989
20.4 years
19.3 years
19.3 years
19.3 years
Youji (Gluhen)
19.3 years

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