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Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
... Let me try introducing "Slayers" in this fashion that is easy to comprehend (and type) for everyone:

Q: What's Slayers about? [huh]
A: It's about a cute little sorceress named Lina Inverse who lives during the Japanese equivalent of the medieval ages, and her adventures as she travels throughout the land. True, that may sound cliche, but her adventures mind you are not ordinary at all...

Q: Who are the main characters? [huh]
A: Well that would depend on which series you went into, but the following are the basic characters that we see throughout:
**Lina Inverse** - the lovely, egotistical, loud, always-hungry sorceress who perpetually moans and groans about her lack of bosom ;) She is, however, one of the most powerful sorceresses in the known world; her specialty? Black magic.
**Gourry Gabriev** - her handsome companion who also acts as her bodyguard. What Gourry lacks in brain (and indeed he can be quite dumb at times!), he makes up in brawn.
**Zelgadis Greywords** - the chimera whose heart is not made of stone as he would like others to think.
**Amelia Wil Tesla Seyrunn** - the young Seyrunn Princess, who specializes in white magic. Very hyper, very much obsessed with justice, but also quite sweet (note: her bosom makes Lina jealous [wink])

Q: What kinds of adventures do these four have? [huh]
A: Ok this is an impossible question to answer. Not only do they go through Monsters (evil sorcerers/sorceresses of the Monster race), evil priests, and whatnot, these so-called 'adventures' help each of the characters define themselves and what they stand for. When one watches "Slayers," one may go along the journey with each and every one of them, sharing in their individual pains and happinesses, and laugh whenever there is comic relief. :) (Usually shown in the form of Xellos or Gourry, heheh)

Q: Why is "Slayers" such a good or bad anime? [huh]
A: I personally love it, so I can't really say that there is anything bad about it. It's so funny and passionate at the same time, and you really learn a lot about the characters, their backgrounds, and the stories just take you in. I would really recommend you see it. :)

Hope that helped!
- Silver Destiny [moonani]

Aug 6, 2011 06:32:39p by Lina Metallium
We got 2 new seasons of Slayers Now! Slayers Revolution & Evolution-R plus a cute new character named Pokota!!
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