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Full Moon o Sagashite

Genre: Magical Girl, Romance, Shojo
Full Moon wo Sagashite is an anime and manga series about a 12 year old girl named Mitsuki, who is determined to become a singer, in hopes that her song will reach the boy she was seperated from, Eichi. However, there are a couple major obstacles standing in the way of Mitsuki and her goal.

Her grandmother, who she lives with, detests music and scolds Mitsuki whenever she catches her singing in her room. She forbids Mitsuki to leave the house unless Mitsuki is under the constant surveylance of her doctor or the maid, Tanaka-san. Mitsuki hasa tumor in her throat called a sarcoma, which causes her pain when she tries to sing or otherwise overworks her vocal cords.

One day, two Shinigami, Meroko and Takuto, sneak into Mitsuki's room, and are surprised to learn that Mitsuki can see them. Mitsuki asks if they came because she was going to die that day, and Meroko accidentally slips and tells her that she won't die for another year. Frightened and even more determined to audition, Mitsuki sneaks out the window and heads for the studio, where she's intercepted again by the Shinigami. Mitsuki pleas for them to let her go to the audition, and Takuto, seeming to understand her determination, agrees to help Mitsuki by transforming her body into that of a 16 year old, and nullifying the effects of the cancer while the transformation is in effect.

And so Full Moon is born.

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