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Ranma ½

Genre: Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance, Shonen
On his journey through China, Ranma undertook some dangerous martial arts training at the Josenkyou Springs... That was his first mistake. His second was in trying to then fulfill a marriage contract laid out by his father and Soun, owner of the Tendo School of Indiscriminate Grappling, to Soun's daughter Akane, which is definitely a hard thing to pull off when you turn into a girl every time you're doused with cold water! [drop]

*Ranma ½* is the work of Rumiko Takahashi who also created *Maison Ikkoku,* and *Inu-Yasha.*

On a side note, if you post any fanart, please FMCmail me the site where you got it so that I can post up the address and give credit where it's due.

In other news, I would be eternally grateful to any potential icon adders if you would please **CHECK AND MAKE SURE THAT THE ICONS YOU ARE ADDING ARE NOT ALREADY THERE OR THAT THERE AREN'T ALREADY ICONS THAT ARE MERELY A FRACTION DIFFERENT**! Thanks muchly.


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