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Genre: Children's, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Video Game
Pokemon should probably be at least a little known to everyone. Love it or hate it, it has become one of the most widely popular anime the world over. The gameboy video game that started the craze let players take the role of a kid exploring a world populated by 150 different monster types who could be trained to battle or just stand around looking cute. The cartoon/anime gave us the story of Ash Ketchum, the naive but determined Pokemon trainer and his journey to become the best trainer of Pokemon ever. 9 Gameboy games, 4 Stadium games, 5 Tv seasons, 5 movies, and uncountable marketing spinoffs later, Pokemon still remains strong as both a tactical video game and merchandising craze to part parents of their money.

This archive will concentrate on Pokemon from more of a game perspective. Our current tv series icons are horrible, so if you find any good ones, feel free to submit them.


My Pokemon Archive Information bio, look for updates here.

Other reading:

Linkwww.pokemon.com The official Nintendo site. Mostly fluffy bits of product info.

Linkwww.wizards.com Though I couldn't get through at the time of writing, this is the home of the Pokemon CCG

Linkwww.pojo.com Pojo's Pokemon site. Lots of information, but take it with a grain of salt, there are a lot of OPINIONS here as well as hard facts.

Linkwww.geocities.com Pokedat, full game information. From basics to the Genetic Code, its all there.

Anyone have a good link for a site about the Cartoon?

Yeah, I do. Decent for the anime, as well as cards, ect, but has a block to prevent right-clicks. Otherwise nice.

Linkwww.serebii.net Btw, hope you like our latest additions 8-=

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