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Peach Girl

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shojo
Momo Adachi is a regular high school student. She's got a best friend, a crush, and an annoying guy who won't leave her alone. Sounds normal, right?


Normal? Momo tans way too easily. She's got ten times the melanin(the stuff that makes you tan) of a normal person, so everyone thinks that she spends all her time on the beach partying. In actuality, she's just a regualr student. But no one looks closely enough to see that. People -even complete strangers- think that she's an airhead at best, or a bunny girl or slut at worst.

Best friend? That's only because no one will talk to her except for Sae Sasaki. But Sae doesn't really count as a friend, because she copies everything Momo does and wants everything that Momo has. With friends like Sae, who needs enemies?

Crush? Momo's liked Tojigamori Kazuya since junior high, but he barely knows that she exists. He said that he didn't like girls with darker skin than his. So, Momo decided that she would bulk up on the sunscreen until she had skin lighter than Toji's. She has yet to succeed.

Annoying guy? That'd be Okayasu Kiley. He won't leave Momo alone because he likes her. A lot. Naturally, since Kiley's the most popular guy in school, this makes everyone dislike Momo more.

Sound like a hassle? Well, for Momo Adachi, it's just another day.

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