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Midori no Hibi

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Midori no Hibi (Days of Midori) is a quaint little story about an angry young man with a reputation for street fighting and being a delinquent, and how he can't get a girlfriend.
Actually, that's only one half. The other half is Midori, a shy girl from a different school who's a bit younger than our male lead. She's had a crush on him since forever but never dared to tell him that she loves him.

After being rejected the twentieth time Seiji makes the wish for some kind of girlfriend, anyone, he doesn't care.
Then he wakes up with Midori at the location where his right hand used to be. Both are a tad bit taken aback, hillarity ensues and such.
There's a lot more than this first issue to the story though, many more characters and agendas. Currently Midori no Hibi is unlicensed, so you can theoretically download it from snoopycool.com. There's a total of seven volumes, knock yourself out and read them all. They're funny, cute and, at times, touching.

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