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Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Genre: Drama
JIN-ROH's setting is Tokyo–not the Tokyo of the future, but of an alternate past. JIN-ROH presents a Japan that lost a different Second World War–not to America, but to Nazi Germany. Now, more than ten years after the defeat, the occupation troops have left, but their legacy is JIN-ROH’s twilight-zone city where the domestic terrorism of "The Sect" plays out in everyday bombings and street battles against the counterterrorist Capital Police–and their elite armored, helmeted, and red-goggled Special Unit.
.:The Characters:.
Kazuki Fuse
Kei Amemiya
Nanami Agawa
Atsushi Henmi
Bunmei Muroto
Isao Aniya
Shiroh Tatsumi
Hajime Handa
Hachiroh Tohbe
.:The main Site:.

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Atsushi Henmi
19.2 years
Capital Police Fighters
18.0 years
Kazuki Fuse
19.2 years
Kei Amemiya
19.2 years
Nanami Agawa
19.2 years
17.7 years
The Wolf
19.1 years

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