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Genre: Fantasy, Shonen
**warning may contain spoilers if you havent see the 1st few eppys!**

Inu-Yasha is a series about a young girl named Kagome who lives in modern day Japan on an ancient, ancestral shrine. One day while looking for her cat she goes into the "Bone Eater's Well". The Demon that was sealed in it brakes free and pulls her into the well. Kagome then finds her self in Feudal Japan. She runs into the woods and finds her self face to face with a strange looking boy with dog ears and silver hair. Soon after finding him a number of armed villagers find her. Thinking her a spy or another demon thay taker her to the village priestess. Once confermed she was human Kaeda, the priestess, notes that she looks like her sister that has died 50 years before when inu yasha (the dog boy in the forst) attacked the village looking for the jewel of four souls so he could turn him self into a full demon.
Kagome and Kaeda talk for a while but soon a demon apears senceing the jelew of four souls. The demon chases kagome as she runs into the forest trying to get it away from the innocent villagers. Soon her finds her self face to face with Inu Yasha again, Only this time he awakens. Thinking she is Kikiyo he mocks her. Not likeing to be mocked Kagome asures him he is not this kikiyo person!

The demon catches up to Kagome and surprisingly she is able to hold it off till the villages arrive. Kaeda is shocked to see Inu Yasha awake. Kagome releses inu yasha to save everyone and kaeda beleive with out a doute that Kagome is the reincarnated priestess. Once Inu yasha drives off the demon he demands the jelew for himself. She runs somemore kaeda puts a spell on the necklace of the jewel of the four souls and brakes apart to reform on inu yasha neck. Kaeda then instucks Kagome to use a word to seal him, she choses "sit" as she says it his head hits the ground (very funny!)

Inu yasha hangs around the village (cause he doesnt want the jelew to got stolen) Soon another crow demon aprears after the jelew and kagome loses it giving the crow demon much more power, however it loses a foot seeing how it was trying to get back to the crow kagome takes an arrow and attaches the foot to it she then shoots the arrow and hits it. She destroys the demon but she also shatters the jelew all over japan! Her and Inu Yasha now must search for it...

To see a far far FAR better summary go here Linkwww.racso.net it's really good but has some spoilers

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Caretaker(s) of this series: FMC DJ Momo.
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