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Hikaru No Go

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports, Shonen
In the Heian capital of ancient Japan, a man named Fujiwara Sai taught the board-and-stone game called go to the emperor. He played with much enthusiasm and was content, until he one day when he was confronted by another of the emperor's tutors. During a match to determine who would remain as the only teacher in the palace, Sai's rival cheated, causing his defeat. Sai became so distraught by the removal from his position that he committed suicide. However, because his soul became restless, he was unable to leave the physical world and became bound to a go board, called a goban.

In present day Japan, young Shindo Hikaru possesses all of the characteristics of an average adolescent. One day, he stumbles upon an antique goban in his grandfather's attic and unlocks the spirit living inside. He is forced to provide a space in his mind for Sai to live. They coexist together, and to appease his new comrade, Hikaru begins to participate in games of go...

This marks the beginning of Hikaru's rise to fame in the world of go.

Average Icon Quality is 3.0 of 5
Caretaker(s) of this series: JupitersPrince, Yaten-chan.
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Fujisaki Akari
20.2 years
Fujiwara Sai
18.9 years
Kaga Tetsuo
20.0 years
Mitani Yuuki
20.0 years
Nase Asumi
20.6 years
20.0 years
Other Characters
20.6 years
20.6 years
Shindo Hikaru
19.2 years
Shinichiro Isumi
20.2 years
Touya Akira
19.8 years
Tsutsui Kimihiro
20.0 years
Waya Yoshitaka
20.0 years

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