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Haibane Renmei

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Haibane Renmei; the Charcoal Feather Federation.
The series begins in the dream of the main character. When she hatches from a cucoon into a world she knows nothing about there are five girls waiting for her. They all have wings and halos and she finds this very strange because she does not have either. After the girl is cleaned and settled in, they ask about the dream she had while she was in the cucoon and assign her a name according to the events of that dream. She is named Rakka and the events following are Rakka's discovery about the lives of the haibane (those with wings) and those five girls she first met.

The series is only one season long at this point with no continuation known of at this point and none likely to happen. The emotions and pasts of the characters are central to the story. The trials they go through and the mental turmoil that they attempt to overcome make the viewer able to identify with the characters and become very interested in finding the outcome. Subtle hints to the end make a lot of sense the second time you watch this series and make it even better. Very good series. Highly Recomended for people who like this type of series' and for those who don't: Give it a chance... Come on! [smile]

Average Icon Quality is 3.0 of 5
Caretaker(s) of this series: wuffie.
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