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Gundam X

Genre: Mecha, Sci-Fi
Once, there was a war...

A conflict triggered by one colony's movement for independence grew into a full scale war between the Earth and the colonies. Eight months into a stalemate in the conflict, the colonial forces pushed for Earth's surrender, threatening to send the colonies crashing into the Earth causing great damage.

Against this, the Earth Federation deployed its secret weapon, designed for the final battle, called the Mobile Suit Gundams, to prepare for all out war.

However, this resulted in the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind. Driven to win, the Colonial forces proceeded with their operation, but the Earth Federation was able to withstand the onslaught.

In the quagmire of war, the home planet of mankind was destroyed. Vitrually all of Earth's ten billion inhabitants were lost.

There were no longer any instances of defeat or victory.

And 15 years have passed....

The Earth has once again regained its environment, and the few remaining people are caught in a dark age of warring states and anarchy. Within this land, there are people who live by scavenging the old civilization, calling themselves vultures. The most prized possession one can find is a Mobile Suit, and the most powerful of them is what is called a Gundam.

One of the Gundams has just happened to fall into the possession of Garrod Ran, who is about to get entangled in the web of the mysterious humans called Newtypes. The year is After War 15, and a young man has just gotten control of the most powerful Mobile Suit of all, the Mobile Suit Gundam X.
~JP's Thought~
Looks neat
Gundams look cool
The characters look neat also , but I haven't seen it yet since what I know it's not out as of yet. But , I will try.

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Ennei El
20.0 years
Garron Ran
20.0 years
Gundams/Mobile Suits
20.0 years
Jammil Neate
20.0 years
Kid Salsamille
20.2 years
Olba Frost
20.2 years
Other Characters
20.2 years
Roybea Loy
20.2 years
Tifa Adiel
20.0 years
Tonya Malme
20.2 years

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