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Gensomaden Saiyuki

Genre: Comedy, Drama
This series is about four men who travel around with the mission of stopping the resurrection of a demon named Gyu-Mah-Oh. This attempt at resurrection is causing most of the demons to go bad, except for those who wear power limiters. Genjo Sanzo is a Buddhist monk who rose to the position of Sanzo after his master was killed by demons. While traveling he found the young demon Son Goku chained inside a mountain prison. Sha Gojyo is a half demon who found Cho Hakkai(demon)wounded in the rain. Sanzo was ordered to bring the demons with him to stop the resurrection of Gyu-Mah-Oh.
The Resurrection of Gyu-Mah-Oh is being instigated by a woman named Emperess Gyokumen and her henchmen. Kougaiji is the leader of the evil demons and son to Gyu-Mah-Oh. But while Kougaiji works for the Emperess in freeing Gyu-Mah-Oh, he only does so because he wants to free his mother from being trapped in stone. He has three people who work for and help him. His half sister Lilin is young and very hyper. Yaone is Kougaiji's chemist and works for him because she loves him. Finally Doukugakuji is Hakkai's older brother, and Kougaiji's head man.

Average Icon Quality is 4.0 of 5
Caretaker(s) of this series: Tenshoukoudaijin.
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