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Flame of Recca

Genre: Comedy, Martial Arts, Shonen
Sixteen year-old Recca was just your average street-fighting, school-skipping, fire-work-making joe, until the day he saved Yanagi, a girl with mysterious healing powers, and had his life turned on its ear.

Since then he's discovered he can shoot fire out of his hands, that he'd been sent forward in time as the last heir to a vanished clan of ninjas, and that it is up to him and his friends to save Yanagi and the rest of humanity from the megalomaniac, Mori Kouran, who seeks imortality and dominion over the world.

To do this Recca will have to master his flame, team up with some unlikely allies, and fight his bitter half-brother Kurei who wields a flame of his own.

This series appears in anime-form and is 42 episodes long (though it is unfinished), while the manga is complete at 33 volumes. And did I mention it's got something for just about everyone? With fighting, romance, comedy, more fighting, some drama, and even a few historical figures thrown in to mix things up. Flame of Recca, or Recca no Honoo, was created by Nobuyuki Anzai.

If you want some more information on this series here are a few good sites:

The Fuuko Shrine - a character site which is nonetheless *very* comprehensive - Linkbluhdy1.www2.50megs.com

Raging Fire: A Flame of Recca Site - also very good - Linkwww.geocities.com

Aoi Honoo - manga translations up to vol. 21 - Linkwww.jahannam.net

Quasi - Translations & Summaries - a site that offers, well, translations and summaries. Documentation from vol. 17-33 (translations), and 19-29 (summaries) - Linkdoushi-sumeragi.net

F.o.R. moments - the only site I found with a complete episode guide, accompanied by screen caps, and scripts. Just don't read the short summary and you'll do fine - Linkwww.geocities.com

On a side note, if you post any fanart, please FMCmail me the site that you got it from so that I can post the address and give credit where it's due. Thanks muchly.

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Hanabishi Recca
20.8 years
Ishijima Domon
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Kage Houshi/Kagero
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Kirisawa Fuuko
18.7 years
18.7 years
Mikagami Tokiya
20.8 years
Sakoshita Yanagi/Hime
20.8 years
18.7 years

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