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El Hazard

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
This Anime is a story of another world. That is beyond the bonds of the earth we know and how the lives of 4 humans gets pulled into very balance of it's exsistance. On one late night in at a small High School in Shinonome, Japan, some ancient ruins have just been discovered under the school. That night, a young student Makoto Mizuhara was being confronted by a fellow student, Katsuhiko Jinnai. In many ways they are rivals. Though the hero (Makoto) in his kind natured ways does not look at it that way. During the Confrontation, when Jinnai was about to attack Makoto, everything froze and Makoto began to hear a females voice calling to him. After following it, he arrives at the center of the ruins, and finds a strange woman who explains to him of what his future has to hold, and the journey he must take. Else where in the school, a teacher Mr. Fujisawa is working late. In walks Jinnai's sister, who is also Makoto's love interest, baring food that she is delivering to Mr. Fujisawa as part of a part-time job. When Makoto hears the tale, the strange woman then opens the gate way that takes these four on a journey that changes them in ways they had never imagened, and sets them in the fate of a world.

Expect new icons and a series layout Around the middle of next month(September). Anything you would like to see done with This Series, let me know.

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Awkward moments
20.6 years
Castle's Finest
19.2 years
Heroes From Earth
20.2 years
19.2 years
Katsuhiko Jinnai
19.2 years
19.2 years
Mr. Fujisawa
19.2 years
19.2 years
20.6 years
19.5 years
19.2 years
Weapons of Old
21.5 years

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