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Genre: Sci-Fi, Shojo
The Clover Project was designed to track down children with magical powers. But for Suu it has meant imprisonment in a cage since the age of four with only mechanical animals for company.

You see, Suu is a Four Leaf Clover, a being so powerful that she could rule the world. But she is the only one of her kind. And if she ever fell in love with someone, that person would inherit her power, therefore she must be kept isolated.

So, deprived affection all her life, Suu seeks only happiness in a place called Fairy Park, accompanied by an ex-government agent who shares more in common with her than he knows.

*Clover* was created by the highly popular artistic quartet CLAMP, whose other works include *Magic Knight Rayearth,* *Wish,* *Cardcaptor Sakura,* and more. It is comprised of four volumes, and is generally recognized as one of CLAMP's most elegant endeavours using minimalist techniques, and featuring pages that are occasionally blank, but for snatchets of songs. The whole piece is surrounded by a sad, almost gothic air.

If you'd like some more information on the series here a couple of nice sites:

Fairy Park, well laid-out, and comprehensive - Linkbishounen.org

Happiness, a good, bright site with lots of details - Linkgeocities.com

CLOVER:true happiness?, absolutely fantastic site, with just about everything, including one small draw-back : it's in Italian. [drop] - Linkdigilander.libero.it

On a side note, if you add any fanart please FMCmail the site that it came from, so that the address can be posted and credit can be given where it is due. Thanks.
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