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Blue Gender

Genre: Drama, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi
Blue Gender is a "New Anime" being shown on Cartoon Network currently. The VERY basic plot of Blue Gender is that Yuji Kaido, in the year 2009, finds out that he is a carrier of the B-Cell, a cellular abnormality that can cause unfavorable and violent behavioral outbreaks to occur if left untreated. . .the only catch being that there is no Cure or treatment in 2009. The only choice left for those afflicted with the said disease is Cryogenic Freezing, so that they can in a future date, when there is a cure, be awakened and ridden of the B-cells. However, as Years roll by, the earth is destroyed by these Insect-like creatures who literally take over the world by killing off all humans. A few survivors of the Blue, these creatures, retreat to a space station. More years roll by and an order is given for a handful of teams to go and retrieve "Samples", or the so called "Sleepers", the people infected with the B-cells, hoping that the cells they are infested with are some key to stopping the blue now ravaging the world. But just as the Team that Marlene Angel is seconding arrives to retrieve Yuji and the others in his complex, Yuji awakens to a world infested with Blue, and now he's forced to fight. . .or die.


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