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Blade of the Immortal

Genre: Shonen
Blade of the Immortal (original name: Inhabitant of Infinity/√ćmmortality) is an excellent manga about Manji, an immortal ronin who is kept alive by kessen-chu (sacred bloodworms) and has a bounty on his head for killing a hundred men.

That's all plot you'll find here as the rest would be mad spoil-age.
The art is beautiful and the plot is quite amazing, the whole thing can be described with three words: dark, deep, beautiful.

It's not your typical heroic, samurai manga. No, it's .. human, more than anything else. It's humans acting like humans, you will find humans scary after a while.

The best fansite around that will deliver you all character descriptions, spoilers, manga summaries, fact collections and stuff can be found Linkwww.sutic.nu here.

Blade of the Immortal is published by Linkwww.darkhorse.com DarkHorse Comics (feel free to order it from them, online) in North America. The transelation is quite good and they tried to avoid mirroring the pages as much as possible, it isn't original manga-style reading, but what did you expect?

There is a little but detailed dictionary for japanese words used in the manga transelation, which is quite nifty. The author got his history facts fairly straight, only a few weapons are unrealistic and designed by him.

The graphic novels are a bit expensive, but they're the better choice over the manga as all graphic novels together are less expensive than all the manga's together, aside of that, they look *pretty.*

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