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Genre: Romance
BBoy is a popular yaoi publishing company. What is "yaoi" you ask? :O
**Crash course in yaoi**
For those of you who don't know what yaoi (or it's counterpart, yuri) is, it's the Japan equivalent of "slash". If you don't know what THAT is, it's pairing two people of the same sex together as a couple (voluntarily or involuntarily. Rape is the target of many yaoi mangas. However, I'm not sure whether BBoy does some of that or just strictly romance). Yaoi is boy on boy lovin', mostly hardcoreish, with sodomy galore! [:d] The softcore version of this is known as Shonen Ai, of "Boys Love" which has cute kissy stuff :p Yuri is girl on grrl lovin', while Shojou Ai, or "Girls Love" is the softcore version of that (less groin close-ups ;_; :-=). Yaoi tends to be most popular with women, while guys really dig yuri. Oh and Most couples are broken into two catagories- the seme (dominant) and the uke (... I jstu forgot the word I wanted here >.< anyone?). The uke in yaoi are drawn to look the part of pretty boys (feminine. THey cry so damn much >.<) while the seme are usualy drawn as regular gruff boys, sometiems pretty as well, but not as girly.
BBboy, while not the only yaoi publishing company, is one of the most well-known. And wouldn't ya know, they have the largest booth at Yaoi-Con in San Fransisco (18 or older allowed only) :-=

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Caretaker(s) of this series: Emi.
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destinies cross
19.4 years
Downtown Shuffle
19.4 years
19.4 years
Lovers Diary (?)
19.3 years
Yakkanai Bokura
20.1 years

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