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Ayashi No Ceres

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shojo
Ayashi No Ceres. Currently produced as a 14 volume manga, 24 episode anime TV series, and a 6 volume novel series based on character side-stories.

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman who saw the beautiful Tennyo bathing in the sea, their hagoromo robes hung nearby. They were found by the fisherman, who in turn, stole one robe and brought it home. Unable to return to the heavens without it, one of the Tennyo wept in despair... until she recalled the fisherman who had been by the sea earlier. She came to him and asked, "Have you seen my hagoromo? If you took it, please return it to me." The fisherman pretended to know nothing. Secretly, he had hidden the robe away, forcing the Tennyo to remain, so she married him, and together, they bore a child. One day, from her child's song, she learned the whereabouts of her robe and with it, she returned to the heavens, leaving behind everything...

Her husband...

And her child...

While the legend of the fisherman and the Tennyo is well-known through the world with numerous variations, it is not the true story.

It is by Watase Yuu, the popular mangaka of Fushigi Yuugi, who tells the tale of a girl named Aya Mikage, the direct descendant of a Tennyo, meaning that she has to ability to transform into the heavenly maiden. Due to circumstances in which she can not understand, she is thrown into the strange and twisted world of her family's mysterious lineage as well as forced to deal with the everything as it changes before her eyes, having her once loving family turn into heartless shells who want her dead. It is when her twin brother, Aki, happens to be the direct descendant of the fisherman who married the Tennyo that things go straight to hell...

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