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Ah! My Goddess

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Keiichi Morisato was a collage student and his dorms secutary, one night as he stayed home to answer the phone while his dorm mates had a night on the town, he got hungary and decided to phone in for some food, in a desprate search for a food company that would deliver he stumbles apon the goddess wish service and before he knew it a goddess (Belldandy) apears outta no were. Keiichi though this was a plot by his dorm mates and wished Belldandy to be his girlfriend forever (as if humans can last that long...i have dibs on her next) anyways, about that moment his dorm mates pop in and see that theres a female in the dorm, when the dorm rules are "No women in the dorms" he was kicked out...him and belldandy finds a temple to live in toghter. this anime follows there love story. it's rather touching. plus belldandy's father is god...all men what a girl with alot of power...

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Auto Club
21.1 years
Bellchan and Keiichi
17.8 years
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Gorgeous rose
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Holy Bell
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Morisato Keiichi
19.8 years
Morisato Megumi
19.3 years
Noble scarlet
19.4 years
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Spearmint and Cooltmint
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World of Elegance
19.4 years

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